The Engineering Division provides services across the UK to a variety of industries, specialising in the following key technologies:

CAD Design: A myriad of CAD packages, from AutoCAD to Tribon.

Chip design: Digital and Analogue electronics, IC Design, ASIC/FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, AHDL; CPLDs, EPLDs, SPLDs, VLSI - and the validation and verification of projects and products.

Embedded and Software Development: Encompassing C/C++ coding for multiple micros, from ARM through Z80 (with everything in between), on real time OS, Embedded Linux or portable platforms.

PCB Design: Single to multi-layer, through-hole to surface-mount, component level with an array of CAD experience from Allegro to Zuken.

RF Design: ELF to EHF (and everything in between).